Task Plan May 18, 2013

Activity Description Systems/Services Affected Activity Work Time
1. Upgrade code on core A0/L0 to address SNMP process issue. ANGUHUB0, LFSCHUB0 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.
2. Configuration changes to the A1 L1 router pair All (building) networks hosted on A1/L1 (See Appendix 1 below) 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
3. Upgrade code on wireless firewalls to address security vulnerabilities A23-ASA5585, L23-ASA5585 wireless services at UBCV 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
4. Upgrading inner core firewall services modules from 3.1(16) to 4.1 and the ASDM management software from 5.2(4) to 6.2(3)F in order to update ASDM java support and increase ACE entries supported. All Fire Wall Services :
A1, A18, A20, A21, A22
L1, L18, L20, L21, L22
9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


Appendix 1: All (Building) Networks Hosted On A1/L1

Building Code Buildng Name
AQUA01 Aquatic Centre
BCCR01 B.C. Cancer Research Centre
BCWN01 BCWARN – BC Wireless Amateur Radio Network
BMEM01 Berwick Memorial Network
BORE01 Boreal Genomics commercial network
BOTG01 Botanical Gardens
CNVG01 Convergent Manufacturing
GENO01 Genome Sequence Centre
HOUS06 Housing – Child Care
HOUS07 Housing – Acadia/Fairview Common block
IVCF01 In-Vessel Composting Facility
MCGV01 McGavin Building Network
MCGV03 University Research Enterprises
MGYM01 War Memorial Gym Network
MHUB01 MacLeod Hub Core Network
MRIS01 MS/MRI Research in McGavin Building
MTRF01 Materials Recovery Facility
NRCC01 NRC Centre for Fuel Cell Innovation
PPWH01 South Campus Warehouse
PRIO01 Prionet Canada
PROP01 UBC Properties Trust
RDRV01 Rederivation Facility
RHIN01 Rhinopharma Ltd.
RITS01 Ritsumeikan House Network
ROCKY2 Virtual Network testing
SCFH01 South Campus Field House
SCHB01 South Campus Hub Site
SKYR01 Sky Research Inc.
SUBN01 Student Union Building Network
TPSY01 Tapestry Building Network
UBCH01 UBC Hospital Network
ACRS04 Agriculture Canada – Chemical Engineering
AIDP01 Angus Hub IAP Distribution Point
ARCP01 ARC Pharmaceuticals
BHUB01 Buchanan Hub Core Network
BIOL01 Biodiversity/Biological Sciences Building VOIP Network
BUCH01 Buchanan Complex VoIP Network
CHAN01 Chan Centre Network
COLO01 ITservices CoLo – EOS Cluster
COMM01 Angus / Lam Building Network
CUNN01 Pharmaceutical Sciences
DERC01 Dairy Education and Research Centre – Agassiz BC
DIAL01 ITservices On-Campus Dial-In
DOGNET This network is for the dogs
ENGE01 Engene Inc.
FASS01 Faculty Association
FDSR01 Food Services
FIRE01 Old Fire Hall
GEOG01 Geography Network
HUTM18 Huts M-17 & M-18 Network
KLNK01 Klinck Building Network
LCIH01 Liu Centre / International House Network
LING01 Linguistics & Horticulture Network
MEDC01 Medical Sciences Block C
MKRF01 Malcom Knapp Research Forest
MRTL01 MRT – MembraneReactor
MSUB01 Main 12KVA Electrical Substation
NRMD01 NeuroMed Technologies Inc.
OBCC01 Old Barn Community Centre
PONC01 Continuing Education – Ponderosa C
PTOP02 Plant Operations
ROCKY1 Virtual Network testing
ROCKY3 Virtual Network testing
RSNT01 Vanier Residence RESNET Core Network
RSNT03 Totem Residence RESNET Core Network
RSNT05 UBC RESNET Core Network
SRCC01 Carey Theological College Resnet
SRMD01 Marine Drive Residence
SRSJ01 St. Johns College Resnet
STMC01 St. Mark’s College
TEF101 TEF I – McGavin Building Network
TEF201 TEF II – Rix Building Network
TEST02 IPSec Tunnel Testing
TLAB01 NE Test Lab – Switch Testing Network
TLAB02 NMC Test Lab – Routed test lab
UBCH02 Level 3 at Koerner Pavilion
UCTR01 University Centre Network (old Faculty Club)
ULEX01 UBC Learning Exchange
USRV01 University Services Building (USB)
VOIC01 Voice Services Network
VPNX01 UBC VPN Services
WBCT01 WebCT Educational Technologies Inc.

The following networks are dual-homed:

Building Code Buildng Name
ACRS01 Agriculture Canada Research Station Network
AHUB01 Angus Hub Core Network
ANSO01 Anthropology and Sociology
ARTO01 Arts One Network
ASIA01 Asian Center
ATHL01 UBC Athletics and Recreation Virtual Network
AUDB01 Auditorium Annex Offices Network
BERT01 Commercial space in South Campus on Berton Ave
BIOL01 Biodiversity/Biological Sciences Building VOIP Network
BMRC01 Biomedical Research Centre Network
BOTA03 Department of Botany Virtual Network
CGMB01 Cecil Green, Green College,Mary Bollert Network
CHOI01 Choi Building – Institute of Asian Research
CHPH01 Chemistry Physics Building Network
COHD01 College of Health Disciplines Virtual Network
COMM01 Angus / Lam Building Network
COPP01 Copp Building (Biochemistry / Physiology)
CPSC01 Department of Computer Science Network
CPSC02 Department of Computer Science Virtual Network
CUNN01 Pharmaceutical Sciences
EAGLE1 EAGLE – Test Virtual Network
EDUF01 Faculty of Education Virtual Network
EECE01 Electrical and Computer Engineering network
ELEC01 UBC ELEC01 Virtual Network
FNHL01 First Nations House of Learning Network
FRSC01 Forest Sciences Centre Network
FRSC02 Forest Sciences Faculty Virtual Network
FRTK01 FPinnovations – Forintek Vancouver
FRWO01 Fredric k Wood Theatre Network
GEOG01 Geography Network
GEOG03 Geography Department Virtual Network
HEDD01 Header House – Treasury
HELP01 UBC Human Early Learning Partnership Virtual Network
HOUS01 Housing – Thunderbird
HOUS03 Housing – Gage
ICCS01 Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems
ICCS04 The ICICS Virtual Network
INSP01 Intramurals Sports
IRCB01 IRC Building Network
JRNL01 School of Journalism
LBPC01 LPC General Network
LCIH01 Liu Centre / International House Network
MATH01 Mathematics
MATH03 Mathematics Virtual Network
MCDN01 MacDonald Building Network (Dentistry)
MEDC01 Medical Sciences Block C
MGRP01 UBC Media Group Virtual Network
OSBO01 Osborne Centre Network
PHAR01 Pharamaceutical Sciences Virtual Network
PRES01 Mackenzie House – President’s Residence
PWAL01 Peter Wall Institute Virtual Network
RGNT01 Regent College
RGNT02 Regent College Virtual Network
RSNT04 Tbird Residence RESNET Core Network
RSNT05 UBC RESNET Core Network
SAUD01 Sauder School of Business Virtual Network
SCID02 Dean of Science Virtual Network
SCLS01 Classroom Services Virtual Network
SCRF01 Faculty Of Education Network
SHHS01 Student Housing and Hospitality Services
SOWK01 School of Social Work
SRCC01 Carey Theological College Resnet
SRMB01 Sauder MBA House Residence
SRMD01 Marine Drive Residence
SRSA01 St. Andrews Hall Resnet
SRTB01 TBird-1000 Block Cassiar
SRTB02 T-Bird-2000 Block-Monashee
SRTB03 T-Bird 3000 Block-Selkirk
SRTB04 T-Bird 4000 Block-Coast
SRTB05 T-Bird 5000 Block-Hazelton
SRTP01 Totem Park-Haida
SRTP02 Totem Park-Salish
SRTP03 Totem Park-Nootka
SRTP04 Totem Park-Dene
SRTP05 Totem Park-Shuswap
SRTP06 Totem Park-Kwakiutl
SRTP07 Totem Park Q’eleXen
SRTP08 Totem Park Hem’lesem
TEF301 TEF III Building UBC Network
TPCB01 Totem Park Common Block Network
UBCH02 Level 3 at Koerner Pavilion
UCTR01 University Centre Network (old Faculty Club)
UILO01 ORS and UILO Virtual Network
ULEX02 University Learning Exchange Virtual Network
USRV01 University Services Building (USB)
VPNX01 UBC VPN Services
WESB01 Wesbrook Building Network