Task Plan Feb 23, 2012

Maintenance Activities Impact Status Activity Time
A1 / L1 Diagnostics All Department Services may experience intermittent connectivity or complete outage as the software issue is replicated in order for the vendor to conduct their investigation. 7:00 to 10:00
myVPN Client Upgrade All clients will automatically download and install the new software client the next time they connect on VPN. The upgrade process takes a few minutes to complete. 10:00 to 12:00
AI20 Firewall Software Upgrade Although no impact is expected, service disruptions may occur. The following virtual firewalls will be upgraded: LAWF01 – Faculty of Law Virtual Network
SOEH01 – School of Environmental Health Virtual Network
PHAS01 – Physics and Astronomy Virtual Network
ITSV17   – NMC Scanner Virtual Network
RBSQ02 – Robson Square Virtual Network
ITSV15 – ISPT Verification Network
SALA01 – School of Architecture and Landscape Virtual Network
LAND02 – Land and Building Services Virtual Network
CIRS01 – CIRS Building Network
SECU01 – Campus wide Securenet Virtual Network
VOIC04 – Voice Services Virtual Network
PHTH01 – Physical Therapy Virtual Network
CDRD01 – Centre for Drug Research and Development
CMPS01 – UBC Composites Group
IAPV03 – Internet Access Port Virtual Network
12:00 to 14:00