Academic Systems software applications upgrade March 13, 2013 03:00-3:30 PDT

The Academic Systems Support group will be releasing software upgrades for widespread use on Wednesday March 13, 2013. This upgrade will occur during our regularly scheduled outage at 3am.

These upgrades include:

-Several minor visual updates to the Student Service Centre to bring it inline with the Common Look and Feel of other UBC sites.
-The creation of sub-terms to accommodate professional programs that do not follow the standard University calendar. This will be evident in registration, timetables, and in section management.
-Changing the registration deposit to be a separate line item on a student’s account.
-Several minor updates to the SSC’s Graduation Application as well as the administrative side within the SISC.
-Annual Sessional Evaluation rule changes -The ability to edit physical Oracle table from within the DTM -Final changes to allow the roll out of the e-Transcript with Douglas College -Some final clean up from the SIS Renewal team