Fraudulent Email Alert Oct 31, 2012

Fraudulent emails purportedly from the UBC IT Help Desk warning users about an infected email message and directing them to an anonymous website have been reported. The email contains a link for the user to visit an unknown website in order to attempt to rectify the security issue.

Do not reply to this email, click on any links or fill out any online forms with your account information.

If you are affiliated with the University of British Columbia (UBC), please forward a copy of the email including full headers to and then delete it from your Inbox or mobile phone. If you think you may have submitted your UBC CWL or login account credentials, go to myAccount and login and change your password immediately. Please remember to notify of the possible temporary breach of your UBC CWL account.

For your reference, a copy of the fraudulent email in included below:

From: myUBC <>
Date: 30 October, 2012 20:03:16 PDT
To: (recipient’s email address)
Subject: Upgrade Your Account.
Reply-To: “” <>

(UBC crest image removed)

This email is being sent to you because of violation security breach
that was detected by our servers. Our server detected that one of the
messages you received from a contact has already infected your mail
with a dangerous virus.

You can no longer be allowed to send messages or files to other users to
prevent the spread of virus to other users.

Please follow the link below to perform maintenance work needed to
improve the protection of the email for us to verify and have your
account cleared against this virus.

Failure to comply will lead to the termination of your Account in the
next 48 hours.

(link removed)

Hoping to serve you better.
UBC IT Help Desk
This is an Administrative Message from Mail server, It is
not spam. From time to time, server will send you
such messages in order to communicate important information about your subscription.