Upgrade of UBCV Campus DNS and NTP Systems February 23, 2008, 06:00-12:15

The campus DNS and DHCP service is managed by NetID and will be upgraded to v4.5 during the maintenance window. Since only one of the redundant systems will be down at a time, and only for 5 minutes, no interruption of service is anticipated. Workstations configured with only one DNS server may see one or two brief interruptions of DNS resolution between 9:15 and 10:30.

DNS service translates (“resolves”) Internet names (e.g. www.ubc.ca) into numeric IP addresses.

DHCP service is required upon connecting to the network by those workstations configured to automatically obtain their address.

The NetID Management interface will be unavailable during the maintenance window to facilitate a smooth upgrade.

The campus NTP (Network Time Protocol) service resides on the same systems as the DNS. Therefore, there will be an upgrade of ntp.ubc.ca and ntp2.ubc.ca. For those systems using NTP to adjust their system clock, a brief service interruption should cause no problem.