Shared Web Hosting โ€“ Intermittent connection problems Oct 13, 2015 – UPDATE

There are currently issues with two of the web nodes on the Bronze web hosting service (ie. Interworx), and users may have problems connecting to the websites hosted on it, including,,, and others. Systems will be performing a reboot on it at 11:00 PT, and all websites will be unavailable for approximately 5-10 minutes during this time.

Two of the web nodes on the Bronze web hosting service (ie. Interworx) continue to be problematic, but users will no longer be unable to connect to sites as the two problematic nodes have been removed from the service temporarily while they are being fixed. The root cause has been found but it will take time to identify and apply a fix. Once the two web nodes have been fixed, they will be added back into the service. Until such time, users may experience a slight degradation of service due to increased load on the remaining web nodes, but at this time, this does not appear to be a problem. Another update will be posted when the nodes have been added back into the service.