Fraudulent Email Alert February 11, 2010

Fraudulent emails directing users to submit their CWL account information have been reported. UBC IT never initiates unsolicited requests for usernames, passwords or any other personal information. Do not fill out this form or reply to any email with your account information. Instead, please forward a copy of the email including full headers to and then delete it from your Inbox or mobile phone. If you think you may have submitted your CWL account credentials, go to myAccount and login and change your password immediately. Please remember to notify of the possible temporary breach of your CWL account.

For your reference, a copy of the fraudulent email is included below:

Subject: Web Service

Web Service,
You have exceeded the limit of your mailbox set by your Web
service, and you will be having problems in sending and recieving mails.
To prevent this, please click on the link below to reset your account.
Failure to do this, will result in limited access to your mailbox.
Warning!!! Do not send your username and password via email.
Web Service.