OS patching to Sauder’s file, print, document sharing and computer lab application servers Apr 18, 2014 00:01 – 01:30 PT

The 4 server vms and impact are listed below:

Server 1: ubcsaud-sfsp.ead.ubc.ca a.k.a. filestore1.prod.sauder.ubc.ca /
Purpose: Windows server containing student home drives and student computer lab course data
Impact: No impact as the computer lab will be closed during the outage window.

Server 2: ubcsaud-spsp.ead.ubc.ca a.k.a. printserver2.prod.sauder.ubc.ca /
Purpose: Windows server acting as a print server and keeping track of user print credits
Impact: Users will not be able to print to networked printers during the outage window

Server 3: ubcsaud-ssap.ead.ubc.ca a.k.a. smallapps.prod.sauder.ubc.ca /
Purpose: Windows server used by several computer lab applications that have a server component.
Impact: No impact as the lab will be closed during the outage window.

Server 4: docushare.prod.sauder.ubc.ca /
Purpose: Windows server used to store course materials
Impact: No impact as Sauder staff in Duplication services and Xerox staff at the UBC printing facility will not be working during the outage window.