UBC Phone Spoofing Alert June 4, 2013

UBC IT Voice Services has received reports from the UBC community regarding telemarketing calls from UBC phone numbers. We have investigated these reports, and determined that an outside (off-campus) party is spoofing UBC phone numbers when dialing UBC phones.

Most of the reported cases have these characteristics:

  • The telemarketing call is received by a UBC phone
  • The caller ID for then incoming call is either 604-822-XXXX or 604-827-XXXX
  • The call contains a recorded message, prompting the user to press a key to “Accept”

How to recognize a spoofed call

When receiving a call from another phone at the university, UBC phones will only display the 5-digit extension. If a user sees a call from a UBC number, but it’s displayed as 604-822-XXXX or 604-827-XXXX, that call is originating from outside the university and it is likely spoofed – users should exercise caution.

Next steps

UBC IT has escalated this issue to the university’s telecommunications provider, and we are investigating other regulatory or legal options to prevent this from occurring.