UBC Core Router Upgrade – August 23,2008 08:00-12:00

We are in the process of upgrading the UBC inner core network. We are replacing obsolete router equipment that is 10 years old and is no longer supported by the manufacturer with new equipment. The old equipment has become unreliable and has been the cause of several failures over the past year. We are also upgrading the capacity of the inner core from 1 gigabit to 10 gigabit.

On Saturday August 23, 2008 beginning at 08:00AM we are planning to move the service off Anguhub6 and Anguhub8 Nortel Passport 8600 to the new 10 gigabit inner core. During this time, each network will experience an outage of up to 1 minute while the service is moved over to the new Cisco
6509 router.

The list of networks is as follows:

AUDB01 Auditorium Annex Offices
OBCC01 Old Barn Community Centre
CHPH01 Chemistry Physics
SOWK01 School of Social Work
MUSC01 School of Music
COLO01 Earth and Ocean Sciences Co-Lo Cluster
WEST01 WestGrid Internet Access
USRV03 UltraHD Video Conference
LIUC01 Lui Centre
HOUS01 Thunderbird Housing
BOTA02 Botany Annex
HOUS03 Gage Housing
WRES01 Women Studies
FRWO01 Freddy Wood Theatre
LING01 Linguistics
FNHL01 First Nations
FFOR01 Frank Forward General
KLIB01 Women Gender Studies
PTOP02 Plant Ops Header House
TLAB01 NMC Test Lab
VOIC01 Voice Services Nortel network (only 2 NMC phones)
ARTO01 Arts One
SSOB01 South Staff Office
HUTM18 Huts M17 and M18
MRTL01 Membrane Reactor
DIAL01 Itservices Dial In
HOUS05 Vanier Housing
FIRE01 Old Fire Hall
HUTM22 Hut M21 and M22
HUTO04 Hut O-4
FDSR01 Food Services
CL2NET-01 Campus Wide networks connection
BRCK03 Counselling and Psychology
FASS01 Faculty Association
PLNT01 Plant Science
BINN01 BC Binning
HOUS07 Acadia/Fairview Housing
CANF01 Canfor
AHUB03 DirectNet ADSL
ACRS04 Agriculture Canada Chemical Engineering
MSUB01 12KVA Electrical substation
PONC01 Continuing Education Ponderosa C
STJN01 St John’s College