Software Upgrade on anguhub8 router Saturday August 18, 2007 from 7:00am to 8:00am

During the software upgrade on the anguhub8 router expect total loss of network connectivity for approximately 10 minutes (between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM) for the following networks:

AHUB01 Henry Angus Building
AHUB03 Henry Angus Building
ARTO01 Arts One Building
AUDB01 Auditorium Annex Offices B
BIOL01 Biological Sciences Building
BOTA02 Botany Annex
CHPH01 Chemistry Physics Building
COLO01 Klinck Building
COMM01 Henry Angus Building
DIAL01 Henry Angus Building
DLAM01 David Lam Management Research Centre
FFOR01 Frank Forward Building
FNHL01 First Nations House of Learning
FRWO01 Frederic Wood Theatre
GEOG01 Geography Building
HOUS01 Thunderbird Residence
HOUS03 Gage Residence – Court
HUTM18 Hut M-18
KENN01 Kenny Building
KLIB01 Koerner Library
KLNK01 Klinck Building
LING01 Plant Sciences Annex B
LIUC01 Liu Centre
MATH01 Mathematics Building
MUSC01 Music Building
OBCC01 Old Barn Community Centre
PONB03 Ponderosa Office Annex B
POND01 Ponderosa Office Annex D
PTOP02 Agriculture Canada – Header House
RSNT03 Totem – Dene/Nootka
RSNT05 Henry Angus Building
SCRF01 Scarfe Building
SOWK01 Jack Bell Building – School of Social Work
SRCC01 Carey College
SRMD01 Marine Drive Residences
SRSA01 St. Andrew’s Residence
SRSJ01 St. John’s College
SRTP01 Totem- Haida/Salish
SSOB01 South Staff Office Block (education)
TLAB01 Klinck Building
UBPR01 Ponderosa Office Annex B
USRV01 University Services Building
USRV03 University Services Building
VOIC01 Klinck Building
WEST01 Klinck Building
WMAL01 West Mall Offices
WRES01 Centre for Res. In Women’s Studies & Gender Relations