BCNET VANTX/VICTX Services December 30, 2011

From: 08:10 Friday, December 30, 2011
To: ongoing

Reason: Failing optical interface card in
VICTX. CANARIE has expedited hw delivery
to complete a replacement.

Effects: Some lightpaths between Vancouver and
Victoria had very short service interruptions until 09:00
when services were moved to an alternate circuit.

All network services are operational.
Network congestion may occur on services between
Vancouver and Victoria until the repairs are completed.

WestGrid connectivity between Vancouver and Victoria
may experience short interruptions until repairs
are completed.

Contact: Please contact the BCNET Network Operations
Centre at 604-822-1348 option 3 or
when network problems are experienced outside of
a maintenance window.

Posted By: BCNET Network Management Centre
604-822-1348 option 3