Fraudulent Email Campaign – ‘UBC Support’ November 4, 2021, 18:47 PT


If you mistakenly responded to the email or clicked on the link in the message below, please change your CWL password immediately –


The email did not have the ‘CAUTION: Non-UBC Email’ banner as it was sent as a result of unauthorized access to a legitimate UBC email account. This is a stark reminder of the importance of being hypervigilant when reviewing any email message that you receive to any of your email accounts, not just your UBC Faculty and Staff mail. Accidentally responding to a phishing email and disclosing your CWL login information could have dire consequences for you and your colleagues.


For information about how to protect yourself against phishing in all its forms, please visit:


If you entered your credit card information on the fraudulent webpage, please contact your credit card issuer immediately to let them know that your credit card account has been compromised.  It would also be prudent to contact your bank to let them know that your bank account could potentially be compromised.  It’s advisable to have both your credit card and bank account numbers changed.


If you provided your Social Insurance Number, please refer to:


If you provided your passport information, please refer to:


If you provided your driver’s license information, please refer to:,%2D800%2D950%2D1498.&text=If%20your%20EDL%2FEIC%20was,you%20a%20driver’s%20licence%2FBCID


Other resources:

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s Identity Theft Guide 


For further assistance, please contact your local IT support personnel or call the IT Service Centre at 604.822.2008 Monday through Friday (8:00am-5:00pm)