RESOLVED : UBC Voice Issues โ€“ Fast Busy signals when calling some cell phones Apr 27, 2021 23:30 Ongoing

Resolved : Shaw Communications was able to work with their vendor to identify and correct the issue.
UBC IT Technicians have tested and confirmed that service is back up and running.
April 27, 2021 – 08:50 PT

Investigating : UBC IT continues to work with Shaw Communications to investigate and rectify the service issue affecting outbound calls from the UBC Hospital. Callers are experiencing fast busy signals when attempting to call certain cell phones.

Tue 4/27/2021 7:59 AM
April 27, 2021 – 08:05 PT

Investigating : UBC IT is currently investigating an issue affecting the UBC Voice service where callers are receiving fast busy signals when trying to call some cell phones. Inbound calls from these same cell phones are unaffected. Technicians are working with our vendor to investigate this issue.
April 27, 2021 – 04:53 PT

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