Completed: BCNET VANTX1 Rack 7 Power Distribution Units Replacement on November 05, 2020 06:00-08:00 PT

From:       06:00 PT Thursday, November 05, 2020

To:         08:00 PT Thursday, November 05, 2020


Reason:     BCNET will be replacing two End-of-Life Power Distribution Units in the Rack 7 at the BCNET Vancouver Exchange, VANTX1.



Effects:    All ROADM1.VNCV1 shelves which will be re-connected to the new PDU’s have dual power supplies and expected to stay operational during this activity.

This is a threat notice for the following MetroVan ROADM node and services at VANTX:

  • VNCV1:

– VNCV1-1360-SRRY1-U-10G-19570/SFU RODM-CH2-SRY-VAN

– VNCV1-3225-BRNB3-U-10G-19550/SFU RODM-CH1-BBY-VAN


– VCNV1-3225-VNCV2-U-10G-19510/TRIUMF-LHCONE1

– VNCV1-3225-SRRY1-U-10G-19530/CR1.VNCV1-CR1.SRRY1-BACKUP

– VNCV1-3225-SRRY1-U-10G-19500/CR2.VNCV1-CR1.SRRY1-BACKUP

– VNCV1-3225-BRNB2-P-10G-19430,19420/BCNET MGMT Network

– VNCV1-3225-SRRY1-R-10G-19380/CR1.VNCV1-CR1.SRRY1-BACKUP Restoral




Contact:    Please contact the BCNET Operations Center at 604-822-1348 option 3 or

when network problems are experienced outside of a maintenance window.


Posted By:  BCNET Operations Center

604-822-1348 option 3