Fraudulent Email Alert: Spoofed Messages – August 18th, 2020

Spoofed Messages –

Earlier today, UBC Cybersecurity received reports of a message appearing to come from These messages contained a Word document attachment, named “University of British Columbia.docx” that attempted to redirect people to a fake Office 365 login page.

These messages were not sent from the email address but from a malicious actor, impersonating that address using a technique called ‘spoofing’ wherein a message can appear to come from a specific person or address when it does not.

The malicious sender has been blocked as have the document and associated website(s).

If you have received the message, please delete it immediately.

If you opened the attached document or visited the linked websites, please arrange with your IT support to run a full virus scan of your device used to access the document and/or the linked websites..

Future suspicious messages can be reported to UBC Cybersecurity by sending the message as an attachment to