UPDATE: Urban Fibre / Rogers Fibre Maintenance August 10 21:00 PT – August 11 05:00 PT

Update: August 10, 2020, 13:44 PT

The time for this maintenance has changed. The updated bulletin is as follows:

From:       21:00 PT Monday, August 10, 2020

To:         05:00 PT Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Reason:     Rogers’ contractor Dixon will be splicing and testing in some of the splice cases along Highway 1 from Burnaby to Surrey from August 10th 9PM PT to August 11th 5AM PT.


Effects:    This work is not service affecting and will create only potential threat for the following network connections:

  • BRNB3-SRRY1-U-10G-19520/SFU RODM-CH4-BBY-SRY path SFU – VAN-3225 – VAN-1360 – SURREY
  • VNCV1-1360-SRRY1-U-10G-19450/SFU RODM-CH6-VAN-SRY path VNCV1-1360 – SURREY
  • VNCV1-1360-SRRY1-U-10G-19440/SFU RODM-CH7-VAN-SRY path VNCV1-1360 – SURREY
  • VNCV1-1360-SRRY1-U-10G-19490/CR2.VNCV1-CR1.SRRY1-BCNET DIRECT path VNCV1-1360 – SURREY
  • VNCV1-3225-SRRY1-R-10G-19380/CR1.VNCV1-CR1.SRRY1-BACKUP Restoral BCNET
  • SRRY1-VNCV1-1360-U-100G-19200/cr1.srry1-100g-cr2.vncv1 BCNET
  • BCNET CR1.VNCV1 to CR1.SRRY1 100G Link #2
  • SFU Surrey – SFU Vancouver 10G Link (VAN-SRY CORE’s)
  • SFU Surrey – SFU Vancouver Out of Band Management Link
  • CANARIE VNCV1.WS3 to SRRY1.WS1 200G Uplink
  • Douglas College Coquitlam to BCNET CR2.VNCV1
  • Douglas College New Westminster to CR1.VNCV1
  • JIBC New Westminster to BCNET CR2.VNCV1.



Contact:    Please contact the BCNET Operations Center at 604-822-1348 option 3 or noc@bc.net

when network problems are experienced outside of a maintenance window.


Posted By:  BCNET Operations Center

604-822-1348 option 3 noc@bc.net