Security Reminder – Calls and Emails Impersonating Vendors December 18, 2019, 10.45 PT

There have been recent reports of cybercriminals calling and emailing UBC staff and impersonating a vendor of the University (e.g. ServiceNow).  Criminals will sometimes start with a phone call, to establish familiarity, and let you know to expect a follow-up email.  This email will then contain malware.


These calls often seem legitimate as the cybercriminals will appear to be from known companies and have information about you and your role with the University.  This is information that they have gathered from public places (e.g. LinkedIn, UBC Directory).


It is important that we do not provide any information or open links / attachments in these emails.  Always check corporate directories for official contact details before responding to unsolicited sales calls or emails.


If you have any questions, please contact