Fraudulent Email Alert: Sextortion Campaign – Sep 6/7, 2019

Do not act on or reply to this email.  Please delete it.  It’s expected that the targeted recipients had their credentials included in past data breaches which is why the password included in the subject line will likely be familiar to the recipient. If you are still using the credentials included in the subject line anywhere (not just at UBC), please change them ASAP.  A reminder that your CWL password should be unique to CWL and not used anywhere else.


From: <sender’s email address>
Sent: September 7, 2019 10:06:30 AM
To: <recipient’s email address
Subject: <recipient’s username> : <password>


This message contains encrypted attachments that could not be verified as virus free. Open only if you were expecting this message.

Pass word- 4534

The email contains an attachment: