RESOLVED: Fire Alarm Issue at Multiple Buildings September 9, 2019, 08:24 PT

September 9, 2019, 08:24 PT

All Telus services have been brought back on-line. The cable cut has been fully repaired.

September 6, 2019, 14:25 PT

Approximately half the Telus services (specifically half the damage fire alarm lines) have been brought back on-line with a temporary fix by Telus.  Telus continues to work on restoring the remaining services with no ETA.  Telus is also receiving notices of phone services that are out at the UBC Hospital and this is most likely related.

September 6, 2019, 09:00 PT

A major Telus Copper cable that services UBC has been damaged due to construction at University Boulevard and Wesbrook Mall.  This could be affecting any Telus supplied copper services (voice/data) to UBC, although copper-based services are somewhat limited at the University.


Currently we are aware that a number of UBC buildings are without their fire alarm service due to this issue.  Telus is aware of the issue; however, there is no timeline for repair at this time.