RESOLVED: Outlook Connectivity Issues (Building Operations and Related Departments) – September 24, 2018 16:50 PT

16:50 PT September 24, 2018

The Outlook connectivity issue affecting Building Operations (and related departments) has been resolved as of 14:00 PT.

There are a few isolated reports that we are continuing to investigate. If you continue to experience issues, please report the issue to the IT Service Centre and try one of the following workarounds as an interim measure:

1)      Use FASmail Webmail at

2)      Connect to the UBC VPN service before opening Outlook. To set up VPN access, please visit

3)      Configure your mobile device to retrieve your email. Set up instructions can be found here:

If reporting an incident to the IT Service Centre, please indicate where you are connecting from, what error message you are seeing, which email client you are using and any additional details that you think may be relevant.

10:50 PT September 24, 2018

The FASmail connectivity issues reported earlier today appear to be isolated to some users in Building Operations.

Technicians are continuing working with the departmental contacts to investigate and correct the reported issues.

Otherwise the FASmail service appears to be fully operational.

Our next update is scheduled to be at 14:00 PT.

09:30 PT September 24, 2018

Technicians are still working to resolve connectivity issues. There is no estimated time of repair at this time.

Our next update is scheduled to be at 10:30 PT.

07:40 PT September 24, 2018

Some users may be experiencing issues with Faculty & Staff email (FASmail) connectivity via Outlook as of 07:40 PT.

Users who are unable to access FASmail via the Outlook email client can use the Outlook Web App ( as an alternative.

UBC IT technicians are currently investigating the issue.

Our next update is scheduled to be at 09:30 PT.