Email Alert: UBCcard Plan email – August 30, 2018

An email titled “You’ve got money to spend on food and drinks at UBC” was sent out today with suspicious content.  The UBC Cybersecurity Team has verified that it is a legitimate, authentic UBC message sent from UBC Food Services and therefore Not a phishing email.  It is safe to open the email.


The message contains links because the message was sent through Campaigner – see the following link for details on the service.


Following is a sample of the message:

Dear <preferred name>,

We wanted to remind you that you own a UBCcard Plan. You purchased

it recently or long ago, or your Residence Meal Plan Flex Dollars expired and

your remaining funds were auto-transferred into this plan. Either way, you’ve

got money to spend on food, drinks and more. Hooray!


Use your UBCcard Plan to save 5% off food and non-alcoholic drinks at 30+ UBC

Food Service Locations. Plus, use it for purchases at regular prices at 20+

Campus Partners, participating campus vending machines, Pay-For-Print services, and more.

The UBCcard Plan is non-transferable and refundable ($25 admin. fee). Dollars

do not expire. Your account will be deactivated if it has not been used in four years.


Next steps?

  1. Login to the Online Service Centre with your CWL to see how much money you have to spend.
  2. Take a moment to understand how your plan works and where you can eat.
  3. Spend your money! Make purchases by swiping your UBCcard like a debit card at any UBC Food Services location.


See you soon and hope you had a magical summer,


The UBC Food Services Team