BCNET Outage of Metro ROADM channels for 100G upgrade of Harbour Centre node – Aug 18th 7am-9am PT

BCNET will be upgrading the HC3225 Metro ROADM node for support of 100G, as such, the following vlans on LFSCBORDER will be affected for less than 30 minutes during the outage.
Vlan 113, WTS L2 to UBC for Biodiversity
Vlan 400, Meds-AV
Vlan 2991, UBC GENO01-GSC (GSC)
Vlan 2995, UBC BCCR01-TFL (CRC)
Vlan 2996, UBC BCCR01-CRC (CRC)
Vlan 2997, UBC BCCR01-CDRD (CRC)