BCNET Outage March 27/11 – update

10:30 Sunday, March 27, 2011

04:30 Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A fiber cut between Vancouver and Abbotsford of primary and
spare fibers. Technicians had difficulty in identifying the
break location. A temporary splice has been completed
including fiber cleaning and re-terminating. The fiber
providers will be setting up a maintenance window at a later
date to complete a permanent splice.

All routed services between Vancouver and Calgary, Kamloops,
and Kelowna were automatically re-routed to backup services.

Lightpaths and specific VLANs were affected during this
window with most re-routed as necessary.

Some Vancouver sites experienced network congestion while
the re-routing was in effect as the backup services were
overloaded during peak usage.

Please contact the BCNET Network Operations
Centre at 604-822-1348 option 3 or
when network problems are experienced outside of
a maintenance window.

Posted By:
BCNET Network Management Centre
604-822-1348 option 3