IAM Database Maintenance on Sunday November 12, 2017 at 07:00 – 11:00 PT

During the above maintenance window, a number of UBC Enterprise services will experience an outage. Users will not be able to create or modify CWL accounts during this period. CWL authentication will not be affected.

Unaffected Services – CWL authentication services
– CAS, Shibboleth, CWL Authentication Service web authentication (no account updates).
– EAD, OpenLDAP, ELDAP authentications (no account updates).

Affected Services
– CWL UI, Account Management, Grouper will be offline.
– No CWL password changes.
– All CWL account creation and updates will not be available.
– AccessUBC will not provision accounts, or entitlements, from HR or Guest repositories.
– Account creation, managements, password updates will not be available.
– VPN, Wireless role management will not be available.
– CWL Authentication Service read APIs will not be available.
– “Student and Alumni Email Service” (aka. Alumni email forwarding) application will not be available.
– Student Account Replication to EAD