Fraudulent Email Alert: Tutor – February 16, 2017

From: Cody Coster <email address removed>
Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2017 5:30 PM
To: <email address removed>
Subject: Tutor


How are you doing today? My name is Frisch Vermon. I came
across your e-mail at the University of British Columbia,
Department of Chemistry under Graduate Student’s portal.
I seek for a private tutor for my Daughter. I would like to
know if you would be available for the job and I would
provide you with more details my daughter.

I would also like the lessons to be at your location. Kindly let me
know your policy with regard to the fees, cancellations,
location and make-up lessons. Also, get back to me with your
area of specialization and any necessary information you
think that might help.

Once you confirm your availability, I would provide you with more helping
details. The lessons can start by 3rd of March.

Looking forward reading from you.

Best regards,