Information Security Breach

On December 20, 2016 UBC employees, who have an account with, may have received an email reporting an information security breach of their learning data.

Please note that receipt of this message does not mean that your information was compromised. At this time, only 0.6% of profiles were compromised:

  •  What risk is there to my information?
    The only non-public information provided to by UBC was the employee ID. This is considered to be low sensitivity and low risk.
  •  Is it safe to continue to use the service? reports that multiple steps have been taken to mitigate the unauthorized access which includes: resetting some passwords, rebuilding impacted environments and implementing additional security controls.
  •  Do I need to change my CWL password?
    It is good practice to change your CWL password whenever a security breach occurs.

Currently, UBC users log in to’s  website using their CWL via a process where the CWL password is not provided to Therefore, the passwords are not stored on and have not been compromised. If you have only used the service in this manner then a password change is not required.

Prior to the use of CWL, for access to, UBC employees created accounts with passwords on their website. If you created a password on and it is the same as your CWL password then you should immediately change your CWL password.

If you have any further questions about the incident, please contact