Wireless Service Upgrades, Saturday June 30,2007 from 6:00am to 8:00pm

From:      06:00 June 30, 2007
To:        20:00 June 30, 2007

Reason:    UBC IT is performing a capacity upgrade on the ‘ubc’
           ssid to address the problems of constrained IP address
           space and customer login difficulties during peak usage

           The first phase of the project will be completed during
           this maintenance window to reposition the wireless
           controllers and complete firmware upgrades. Testing and
           verification of the new architecture will be conducted
           during July with the target to complete the upgrade
           project by mid-August.  There will be another
           announcement at the beginning of August for the service

Effects:   During this maintenance window, there will be rolling
           interruptions to the wireless ‘ubc’ ssid at UBCV as
           hardware and firmware upgrades are completed.  The
           outage time in any one area or building may be up to
           one hour. 

Contact:   Please contact Operations at 604-822-1380 or noc@ubc.ca
           when network problems are experienced outside of a
           maintenance window.
           Visit www.it.ubc.ca or call 604-822-4115 for
           service bulletins and system alerts.

Posted By: Network Management Centre
           604-822-1380              nmc@ubc.ca