Mail-Relay Attachment Types Rule Change Sept 2, 2016 07:00 – 08:00 PT

Starting on Friday, September 2, 2016, we will be implementing a minor change to an email blocking rule in FASmail.

Currently, we are blocking all incoming emails that contain Microsoft Office macro files (i.e. those with .docm and .xlsm file names) as these files are often used as vehicles for malware. We will continue with this blocking rule, with a few changes.

What will be different?

* Messages will no longer be silently discarded without any notification to sender or recipient

* The recipient will receive the original email but the macro document will be removed, they can then notify the sender to encrypt the document before re-sending

How to send documents on the blocked list

Note that UBC IT does not recommend or support the transmission of blocked attachment types through email. Users should consider sending these types of attachments through alternative solutions such as Workspace, network drives (e.g. TeamShare), and SharePoint. Further instructions are available at