UBC Mail Gateway Spam/Phishing Rule Improvements July 28, 2016 06:00 – 12:00 PT

UBC IT will be implementing new spam/phishing mitigation rules on the UBC mail gateway to better identify messages with a medium probability spam profile, and to remove potentially malicious URLs. This change only affects non-UBC messages sent to FASmail domains and @ubc.ca addresses.

The following actions will take place when a message meets the rule’s criteria:

– The message subject will be modified to: “[Potential SPAM] <original subject>”
– Some hyperlinks in the message may be removed
– A warning message will be inserted at the top of the message indicating that some links may have been removed from the message, and it will urge the recipient to use caution before following any of the remaining URLs

These steps are being taken to help address the growing volume of phishing and malicious messages that has been directed towards UBC in recent months.