IT Help Desk – June 6, 2016

Do not reply to this email, click on any links or fill out any online forms with your account information.  If you think you may have submitted your UBC CWL or login account credentials, log into myAccount and change your password immediately.  Also, please forward a copy of the email including full  headers to and advise of the possible temporary breach of your account.  The email can then be deleted from your Inbox or mobile phone.


From: <UBC email address>
Sent: Monday, June 06, 2016 7:22 AM
To: <UBC email address>
Subject: IT Help Desk



IT Help desk,

We just noticed a fishing message on our system, and as a result of that,

we have temporary stop all outgoing/incoming messages. To continue

using your email account, please visit our

Faculty and Staff Email <link removed> to confirm details of  your Email account.

Improving/protecting your email account is our primary concern.

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