UBC Wireless – Recommended updates for legacy Operating Systems and Wireless drivers

Following recent upgrades to the wireless network over the last weekend, several Incident reports have indicated that users running legacy versions of OS, iOS and Windows wireless drivers are no longer able to authenticate to ubcsecure. The following OS/driver versions are confirmed to have been affected:

MacOSX – version 10.7.5 and older
iOS – Version 5.1.1
Windows based wireless drivers – (multiple vendors) circa 2011 and older

If you are running any of the following operating systems/driver versions, we recommend upgrading your OS/drivers to the latest stable versions available.
For Windows users, you will need to verify the driver version. If the listed version is approximately three years or older, we recommend to update the driver. You may follow the steps listed on Microsoft’s site:

For those running Apple MAC OS X machines, it is recommended to upgrade machines older than 10.7.5 to a newer version of the OSX Operating System. More information can be found here on Apple’s knowledgebase:

As with any operating system upgrade, it is advised to back up your data prior to any changes. Keeping your device(s) up to date will ensure that your device is secure and operating the with latest advancements in technology.