SPSS License Server Access Restricted December 14, 2015 16:00 PT

In response to a recent IBM security vulnerability notice regarding IBM’s SPSS license server, off-campus access to the UBC SPSS license server will be blocked starting at 4pm on Monday, December 14th.

Access to the SPSS license server from known UBC networks at both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses will remain unaffected.

Based on information currently available, this change is expected to be permanent although IBM is investigating a solution.

We are currently testing the addition of the commuter license feature to the license server. This feature would allow users to check licenses out from the license server for up to seven days of offline use. We will post another news bulletin with additional details, including how to use this feature, once it is available.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this change, please contact Aaron Heck at 250.807.9005.