UBC DNS and DHCP Service Interruptions December 20, 2010 UPDATE 13:00

There are some continuing service interruptions due to the system migration conducted Dec 19. Personnel are working on resolving these issues and services are returning to normal operation. DNS service changes can take some time to propagate out to the Internet and so changes are not immediately apparent and can take up to 4 hours.

Our apologies for this service interruption. It was imperative for us to proceed with the migration as the previous system was decaying and not supportable. Some of the key items are outlined here:

1 โ€“ Email services. Updates for the underlying mail exchange (MX) records is nearly completed. On campus mail-relay servers are now queuing email rather than issuing an immediate bounce. Email will deliver once the MX records are pushed out.
2 โ€“ Unresolvable websites. These are being fixed as quickly as they are reported.
3 โ€“ Delegated and slave sites. We are working directly with these sites to correct an underlying problem with their zone transfers.