LinkedIn Scam Alert: Who’s Who – Sept. 21, 2015

Recently scam ads have been showing up on LinkedIn promoting membership for false user groups for university and college alumni. The false advertisement appears at the top of authenticated LinkedIn pages, asking the user “Apply Now for Inclusion In the Exclusive Who’s Who of Distinguished Alumni!”. The advertisement appears to be associated with user-specific school’s Alumni Association.

Do not click on the link or fill out any online forms with your information. If you think you may have submitted your UBC CWL or login account credentials, go to myAccount and login and change your password immediately.  Also, please email a copy of any UBC information you may have submitted to and advise of the possible temporary breach of your account. If you receive any emails, please forward a copy of the email including full  headersto

For more information about this scam, please refer to the LinkedIn article that explains symptoms as well as other clues to identify the scam, as well as the Wikipedia article that details the general Who’s Who scam