BCNET and PLNet Routing Impacts – From April 2 to April 15, 2015

From: 16:04 PDT Thursday, April 2, 2015
To: 19:30 PDT Wednesday April 15, 2015

Reason: Routing changes affecting the peering between PLNet sites
and BCNET sites was implemented on Apr 2 by SSBC.
BCNET became aware of this change on Apr 7 which were
impacting BCNET members. Escalations were done to
develop a service restoral between the networks.

Due to the extensive nature of changes and routing policies
within the SSBC network, connectivity was attempted to
be restored for only BCNET sites on April 15.

The attempted changes were not successful and were
backed out. Personnel will continue to work on finding
a solution. Peering between the networks remains out
of service.

Effects: With the peering disabled by SSBC, network traffic between
PLNet sites and BCNET sites is not traversing through a direct
gateway and is travelling over Internet Transit or Commodity
Internet services.

This may be causing degraded network performance
between sites on the two networks.

Contact: Please contact the BCNET Network Operations
Centre at 604-822-1348 option 3 or
when network problems are experienced outside of
a maintenance window.