Voice Mail Alert – March 4, 2015

Do not reply to this email or click on any links.

If you have acted on the following email, please forward a copy of the email including full  headers to security@ubc.ca.  The email can then be deleted from your Inbox or mobile phone.

From: Microsoft Outlook [email address removed]
Sent: March-04-15 4:34 AM
To: [email address removed]
Subject: You have received a voice mail


You received a voice mail : VOICE497-389-4858.wav (20 KB)
Caller–Id: 497-389-4858
Message–Id: 503QAW
Email–Id: [email address removed]

Download and extract to listen the message.

We have uploaded voicemail report.
please use the following link to download your file:

<link removed>