FASmail Virus Quarantine Notices- October 21, 2014 11:20 PT

Yesterday an email message with the subject like “Unpaid Invoic” was distributed to UBC recipients. This message contained the virus Troj/Agent-AJMN.

The FASmail servers are running Sophos PureMessage which has been updated to detect this virus. You may have received an alert message with the following body:

This recipient alert message is generated by PureMessage because it has encountered the following events.

Event(s): Virus infection detected
Message action: Message quarantined
Date: 21/10/2014
Time: 10:44:21
Job: Transport (SMTP) scanning
Server: S-ITSV-HUB03P
Incident information:

Event: Virus infection detected
Location: F44907162.zip
Replaced with text: No
Virus name(s): Troj/Agent-AJMN

This is just a notification message and does not require any action. Further notifications will be routed to the support team for resolution.
UBC IT will be identifying and contacting members of the community with compromised systems.