Adobe Security Updates for Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Flash – Starting Sep 18, 2014 23:59 PT

Adobe has issued a critical security update which UBC IT will be implementing. Starting September 18th, workstations supported by UBC IT that have Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat Pro, or Adobe Flash Player installed will be updated. Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat Pro will both be updated to version 11 and Adobe Flash Player to Version 15.

The scheduled schedule updates will be completed overnight and may have the following impact on users:

• Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe Reader interface may appear different after the upgrade
• Some personal preference settings may be lost

Computer should be left on overnight to allow for updates to be applied**

For more information about this security update, please visit the Adobe Security Bulletin website:

** Please check the schedule via the web link below, for your department or faculty’s update to find out when you will need to keep your computer on overnight. If you are unable to leave your computer on during your scheduled night, please leave it on overnight at some point before September 30th to ensure the critical update is applied.