Fraudulent Email/Trojan Alert April 19, 2010

Fraudulent Canada Post emails, encouraging users to download and open a malicious PDF attachment have been reported. Do not download or open the PDF attachment as it contains a trojan. Instead, please forward a copy of the email including full headers to and then delete it from your Inbox or mobile phone. If you think you may have downloaded or opened the PDF, consult with your anti virus and intrusion detection vendors to obtain or develop a detection signature in order to remove the trojan.

For your reference, a copy of the fraudulent email is included below:

Subject: IMPORTANT: Canada Post Delivery #9381747173

Text in body of email:
We missed you, when trying to deliver!

Please view the invoice and contact us with any questions.

We will try to deliver again the following business day.

(c) 2010 Canada Post Corporation.

Attachment: CanadaPost_April_2010_invoice.pdf (144 KB)
MD5: 48ccfab13e54a3385b6d3d0dba7c94f4