BCNET Network and FIFA World Cup 2014, June 12 – July 13, 2014

The FIFA World Cup live streaming is distributed at BCNET through an Akamai caching service. This caching service reduces loads on our upstream Internet Transit connections and is distributed to the member sites on ORAN or IX BCNET connections. This is also a relief for site Internet Transit link.

BCNET is monitoring activity and is seeing heavy demands on the caching service during game times with Load at about 5x the usual usage, reaching the limit of the cache. Traffic then automatically routes over Internet Transit to continue to provide connectivity. During these times, network congestion can occur and all hits to the caching service and network access may be a little slower. Member sites should be reviewing their own network traffic levels as you will also see additional loads on ORAN, IX and Internet Transit links. Please contact BCNET if you wish to review any bandwidth policers that you may have in place and consider resetting them during this time.

BCNET has proactively worked with Akamai over the years of our partnership and have been very successful at growing the caching service in line with the increased demands. We are very happy with Akamai and their professional support. BCNET is actively working with them on possible options with the very rapid reliance on the Internet for real time events.

If you are experiencing connectivity issues with BCNET, please notify our NOC so we can investigate.

– 604-822-1348 x3