Exchange 2003 E-mail Delivery Delays/Rejections – January 14, 2010 11:30am onwards

On January 14th 2010 at approximately 11:30am, the Exchange mail servers were blocked by Hotmail, WPCG and all other e-mail providers that use Spamcop to block spam. This was caused by two compromised Exchange accounts that were being used to send out large amounts of spam. Any messages sent from Exchange to Hotmail, WPCG or e-mail providers who use SpamCop may receive bounce-back messages. The offending accounts have been dealt with.

UBC IT has attempted to contact these service providers to remove the Exchange servers from their block lists. WPCG has agreed to do so and we are waiting to hear back from the others.

We apologize for this service interruption and we hope to get e-mail delivery back to normal as soon as possible.