Network Monitoring Maintenance – April 27, 2014, 13:00-23:00 PT

The Intermapper network monitoring service at will not be available from 13:00 to 23:00 on Sunday, April 27, 2014. During this outage window, users of the network monitoring service will not be able to connect to the Intermapper server. The Intermapper server at will not be affected during this maintenance, and all maps on that server will remain available. A list of maps on is below.

Access UBC (Sailpoint)
Arges IT Camera Surveillance Server
BCNET Incident Handling Policy
BCNET Incident Handling Policy
BCNET Kamloops Network Escalation Procedures
BCNET Manlan DSL Overview
BCNET Miscellaneous
BCNET Network Escalation Procedures
BCNET Network Escalation Procedures
BCNET Network Performance and Measurement
BCNET WestGrid
CANARIE ROADM Network Escalation Procedures
CTLT Virtual Machines
CTLT Web Sites
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Klnk07 Servers
Oracle DB Montior
SA Enrolment Services Servers
SA VSS Hardware
SA VSS Library Servers
SA VSS Network Connectivity
SA VSS Sauder Servers
Susan Enrolment Enterprise Services Virtual Network (ENRL02)
Susan Web Hosting Virtual Network
Susan : UBC ENRL02 Virtual Network
Systems Operations Arcsight Servers
UBC ACE Load Balancer
UBC ACE Load Balancers (VIP Health Monitoring)
UBC Alert Service
UBC ARTS One Network
UBC Blackboard Learn
UBC BOAT01 SitetoSite VPN Tunnel
UBC Buchanan Hub
UBC Commercial Customers
UBC CoolTech misc. servers
UBC Core Services
UBC CWL Services new VM environment
UBC Desktop Services Monitoring
UBC Digital Signage service
UBC Enrolment Services
UBC Enterprise Active Directory
UBC Exchange 2010 servers
UBC Exchange Unified Messaging Service
UBC FPinnovations
UBC GRID01 Network
UBC GRID02 Network
UBC GRID03 Network
UBC GRNC01 Network (Green College)
UBC IMAN01 SitetoSite VPN Tunnel
UBC Interchange
UBC IT Academic Systems Support
UBC IT Cohosting
UBC IT IAMAtlassian Service
UBC IT MOA (Museum of Anthropology) Servers
UBC Kaltura Web Application
UBC KLNK00 Network
UBC KLNK01 Network
UBC KLNK03 Network
UBC KLNK04 (AdminGK) Logical Network
UBC KLNK04 Network
UBC KLNK04 Peoplesoft
UBC KLNK05 Network
UBC KLNK07 Network
UBC KLNK16 WebCT Network
UBC Library Network
UBC Library Servers.1
UBC Life Sciences Hub
UBC LRE Services
UBC Mail System DNS
UBC MailRelay System Map
UBC MercuryExchange Servers
UBC Mobile Web Application
UBC Netapp San
UBC New CPSC01 map
UBC New MacLeod Network
UBC PDU Status
UBC Pharmacy Data Center PDU
UBC PHRM02 University Data Center
UBC President’s Office
UBC Radius Servers
UBC Resnet Logical Network
UBC Resnet Physical Network
UBC Sauder AV
UBC SCLS01 ClassroomAV2 Network
UBC SECU01 ( Campus Security) Sector A
UBC Shibboleth
UBC Sophos
UBC South Campus Hub
UBC Student Email
UBC Symposium Telephone center
UBC Teaching Hospitals
UBC Teaching Hospitals Copy
UBC VHBP01 Network
UBC Virtual Network Notification
UBC Virtual Server Service
UBC Vista Servers
UBC VOIC03 network
UBC VOIC08 BUCH Analog Gateway
UBC VoIP Call Control Network.1
UBC VPNX02 SitetoSite VPN
UBCO Wireless Network v1.2
UPS Monitoring
Voice Systems & Services
Web Infrastructure Drupal Cluster
Web Infrastructure NonCMS Cluster
Web Infrastructure Standalone Servers
Other various maps used by NMC not listed here