Fraudulent Email Alert November 16, 2009

Fraudulent emails directing UBC recipients to open a Zip attachment have been reported. UBC IT never sends unsolicited attachments, such as Zip or EXE files. Do not open the email attachment. Instead, please forward a copy of the email including full headers to and then delete it from your Inbox or mobile phone.

If you have already opened the Zip file you may want to do the following:

  • Immediately update your virus definitions for your anti-virus software and run a full scan for any viruses.
  • If you don’t have anti-virus installed, you can run a free virus-scanner such as HouseCall to determine if your computer has been infected.
  • Refer to our basic security practices or contact the Help Desk for further information.

For your reference, the fraudulent email text is included below:

From: Automatic Email Delivery Software []
Subject: Delivery reports about your e-mail

Dear user ,

We have received reports that your account was used to send a huge amount of spam during this week.
Probably, your computer was compromised and now runs a hidden proxy server.

Please follow the instructions in the attached text file in order to keep your computer safe.

Virtually yours,
The support team.