BCNET – Olympics 2014 and Network Services

A note to you on BCNET Network Services relative to the Olympics. As you are aware, events are live streamed online for the Olympics and a very high level of network activity is expected across the Internet. The live streaming is distributed at BCNET through an Akamai caching service. This reduces possible loads on our upstream Internet Transit connections and is distributed to the member sites on your ORAN or IX BCNET connections. This is also a relief for your site Internet Transit link.

BCNET is monitoring activity and we do not anticipate any issues such as network congestion during the Olympics. During the opening ceremonies today for instance, network traffic was up to twice the usual amount on member ORAN connections. Member sites should be reviewing their own network traffic levels. If you are experiencing connectivity issues with BCNET, please notify our NOC so we can investigate.

– 604-822-1348 x3

About Akamai:
BCNET has hosted a set of Akamai caching servers in Vancouver since 2000. Many high content organizations work with Akamai to plant their content on the Akamai servers so to deliver their content closer to the end sites. This decreases the response time, number of network hops for end users, and also relieves usage across the Internet for multiple fetches. This has been highly effective in delivering high content to end sites. Redirection is done at the DNS level to a nearby cache dependent on the network service provider. Reference:

Thanks and good luck to all Canadians in the Olympics!