Ongoing issues with the main website Monday September 14, 2009 12:03

We have been experiencing ongoing issues with the main website since last Monday. The problems seem to correspond to the launch of the new site, but we have not been able to determine the cause. In order to rule out hardware, we will be moving to a Virtual Server. If the issues continue, Public Affairs will be in a position to troubleshoot the site code with the external development team. The UBC IT websites reside on the same server and therefore the problems have led to impacts on these sites at time as well. The issues correspond to the number of users accessing simultaneously. It appears that connections may not be released after the user loads the page. Users may experience problems loading pages or may receive page not found. The issues seem to arise in intervals – i.e. we will see blocks of time between 3 – 8 hours with no problems, and then a condensed period of an hour or so where the problems increase.

If you are experiencing difficulty accessing either or, please try again later and you should be able to access.