Resolved – Unified Messaging Voicemail – Partial Service Degradation November 19 – 20, 2013

The Unified Messaging Voicemail service is experiencing an issue affecting a small number of Voicemail users. Since November 19th 2013, affected users have been unable to access the service when dialing into 2-2010 to retrieve voicemail. In addition, these users will not see the message transcribed (voice-to-text) or use the “play on phone” feature. This does not prevent people from leaving voicemail messages for the affected user.

Since these users are using the unified messaging service (voicemail in email), a copy of the voicemail should be available in their email mailbox and can be accessed by listening to the mp3 attached to the email message. Technicians are investigating the issue but there is currently no ETA for a resolution.