Update: UBC Point Grey Campus Telephone System Issues June 26, 2009 14:00

We are experiencing peak call volumes relating to student registrations. This has resulted in congestion between our switches and as a result people may experience intermittent fast-busy signals when attempting to make calls to off-campus numbers or between switches on campus. People who may be trying to call UBC numbers from off-campus locations may also be impacted. The issues are related to volume and will resolve once call volume drops from its current peak. If you do receive a fast busy signal, hang up and try your call again later. The problem is intermittent and most calls will be connected.

UBC IT, Enrolment Services and Telus are working together to address the call queuing problem. Call volumes are expected to diminish through the early afternoon. We are coordinating with all stakeholders to minimize the likelihood of future disruptions through the remainder of the registration process (which continues for several more days).

Thank you for your patience during this period!