Mail-Relays Message Delays – January 25, 2011

Please be aware that messages sent through the mail-relay servers may result in a “451 4.7.1. Service Unavailable – Try again later” error or may be delayed due to high volume. Any campus e-mail servers that send messages through the mail-relays may be potentially impacted.

FASmail service is restored January 24, 2011 15:25

FASmail service is restored as of 15:25 on January 24, 2011.

FASmail service is currently experiencing issues January 24, 2011 – 14:09

The FASmail service is currently experiencing issues which may cause to be unreachable or logged in sessions to be disconnected. This issue has been reported by both on campus and off campus users; however, not all FASmail users are affected. This has been reported to the technical team, and they are currently working on […]